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Founded in 2000, My Credit Group is one of the longest-standing credit repair companies in the industry. We’re the only firm to include debt settlement and pay-for-deletes with our services, which is why we’re able to consistently achieve an average of 20% more items removed instead of using credit bureau disputes alone.

Hello, Susan – Just want to reach out and thank you for the amazing work
you have done for me. You have taken me from a credit score of high risk to a
respectable fair rating to date. YOU ROCK!

Salvador C. My Credit Group Client

  • United States Department of Defense
  • Chase Manhattan Bank
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Re/Max, Prudential, Peninsula Capital
I have come to the end of a long and temoutous journey, and i am very pleased to say that your company has helped me out tremendously. I am very appreciative of all your hard work and services performed.
Thomas E. — My Credit Group Client
I’ve had the pleasure of working with the guys and girls at My Credit Group for the past few months and I’m happy, to say the least. While their fees are less than their competitors, the results are more than impressive.

Sadiki Pierre — Albany Group
I want to thank everyone at My Credit Group for helping me start the New Year with a better credit rating than I ever thought possible. Mangie, you redefine customer service and I cannot thank you enough.
Robert C. L. — My Credit Group Client

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