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All About Dispute Letters

Dispute letters - probably the single most misunderstood misused aspect of credit repair. Read just about any credit repair company’s website and you’ll notice a reoccurring theme:

They all want you to believe that their “proprietary” dispute letter is going to make all your bad credit disappear.

Be honest with yourself. Do you really think it’s that easy? Of course not - save your money.

The truth is most credit repair companies all use the same software. There are only one or two credit repair software programs out there. This software comes preloaded with dispute letter templates which they all use. There’s nothing magic or proprietary about it.

Don’t get me wrong. Dispute letters are the first step in any credit repair program. But the key is using the right letter for the right circumstances, and sending it to the right agency.

Credit bureau dispute letter
Typically used for the initial dispute when there are accounts that are reporting inaccurate dates, balances, payments, and personal information

Debt validation letter
Debt validation letters are sent to collection agencies when you need to question rather a debt is valid, amounts are accurate and they have the right person in which they are collecting for – this can also bring to light on whether they are even allowed to collect in your state.

Credit dispute letter (original creditors)
Used when you question an account opened or closed that they Credit bureaus claim to have verified as accurate when clearly they are reporting errors…this will also help with any inaccurate late payments, balances, charge off dates etc that they credit bureaus initially validated as accurate.

Goodwill letter
You use this when you know you had issues with an account but there were extenuating circumstances.

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