Personal Credit Coaching

Personal Credit Coaching

Repairing your credit requires a well thought out plan; a plan that is based not only on your credit, but also your budget, state laws, statute of limitations, and most importantly, your goals.

Disputing everything on your credit is not a plan – it’s a waste of your time and money!

At MyCreditGroup you will be assigned a personal credit coach who will help you develop a plan to improve every aspect of your credit.

Your credit coach will:

Review every aspect of your credit report, not just the negative accounts.

Advise you on what to dispute, what to validate, when to settle and what to ignore

Help you determine in which order negative items should be addressed.

Help you re-establish and optimize positive credit lines.

Constantly monitor your progress against this plan.

Stop wasting time on dispute letters
and let us help you focus on doing the right things.

So how can you get started?

Give us a call toll free: 1-800-430-7494 to speak to a certified credit expert. Or click the big orange button below and a credit coach will call you back shortly.

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