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  • Completely personalized plans
  • Credit bureau disputes
  • Creditor and collector validations
  • Pay for deletions
  • Help establishing new credit
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“great service at a reasonable price… “

“When I send a client your way for help with their credit situation
they receive great service at a reasonable price.”

Marlene Galindo – RE/Max

“pleased with My Credit Group would be an understatement…”

“My Credit Group has been a key factor in allowing me to offer the highest quality service to my clients regarding their credit repair.”

Philip Chavez | First American Lending


A personalized plan to fix your credit

No two credit reports are alike. Your goals, circumstances and finances are unique to you. So building a credit repair plan tailored to your situation is a must when it comes to getting the best possible results.

  • We review your report item by item
  • We determine the best way to address each item
  • We offer more options to resolve the issues

“My Credit Group is the only credit repair agency I know of that customizes their approach to each individual client”

Clark Nelson | Owner Peninsula Capital

Credit repair and pay for delete services

More ways to remove bad credit

While other credit repair services only offer credit bureau disputes, we’ll go to the collection agencies, your original creditors and the credit bureaus to correct or remove inaccurate information from your credit report, giving you the best possible chances of improvement. We can address anything and everything hurting your score:

  • Collections

  • Charge-offs

  • Judgments

  • Tax liens

  • Bankruptcies
  • Foreclosures
  • Inquiries
  • Late pays

“I can honestly say that you’ve handled every aspect of your business with complete professionalism. I’ve heard nothing but but exceptional feedback from my clients, and outstanding results in their credit scores.

To anybody considering using a credit repair agency, My Credit Group is the only choice in my opinion.”

Eric Atilano | Senior Loan Specialist Chase Home Loans

Credit repair and pay for delete services

If we can’t remove it, we can settle it

Any items remaining on your credit report that can’t be resolved through credit repair, debt settlement and pay for delete services can help get the job done. On average, we have 20% more items removed this way.

  • Addresses items that disputes can’t remove
  • Often provides flexible payment plans
  • Can reduce debt by up to 50% on average
  • Pay for delete negotiations

“Within two months, you were able to help them settle all of their collections for pennies on the dollar. One month after that, their credit scores were high enough for me to be able to get them into a loan with a fantastic interest rate”

Karoline Stanley | Home Loan Specialist

We’ll help you establish new credit

Once we’ve addresses the negative items on your credit report, we can then help you establish new, positive lines of credit to improve your overall profile.

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