My Credit Group Disclaimers

Our testimonials are written by real clients and are based on their particular results.  You should not expect to get the same result because every case is has different circumstances.  Some clients don’t get the results they are expecting and My Credit Group makes no guarantee that you’ll achieve all your goals with credit repair.
You can do credit repair on your own, without the services of a credit repair company.
In terms of debt settlement any debt under 500.00 does NOT qualify for the debt settlement program. On average, we achieve clients’ up to 50% savings. However, no creditor or collection agency is obligated to settle or remove negative items from your credit report upon payment.  Debts over $500.00 we charge 20% of the total savings.  i.e. if we save you $200.00 on a debt then our fee would be $40.00.
You have the right to dispute any information on your credit report that you find inaccurate, untimely or unverifiable. We do not advocate disputing items you know to be correct.


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